The predominant cuisine is, of course, the Lake Como fish but we must not forget the delicious tastes of the hills and mountains surrounding the Lake.
The mountains and hills have handed down traditionally poor but genuine dishes, most of which are based on Polenta, for example, Polenta Taragna mixing mais flour with that of un refined flour and cooked in a 'Paiolo' which is made of copper for at least 45 mins. or Polenta Uncia, mais flour cooked for at least 45 mins. then mixed with plenty of cheese and butter cooked with garlic.
Then there is 'Toc' a variant from Bellagio, a dish quite difficult to prepare but considered as a delicacy.

"Pesce in Carpione" fried lake fish which is then marinated in vinegar, onions, lauro. Another version is 'Fish in Green sauce' grilled and marinated in a sauce made with parsley, bread crumbs, vinegar, capers, anchovies, garlic, egg yolks and olive oil. Best with Lake Fish such as Laverello, Agoni and Salmerini.

One of the tipical dishes of Lake Como is 'Missoltini o missultin.
These are Agoni fished in May, sun dried and conserved in layers with Laurel leaves.
After which they are put in a can with salt.
The lid of the can is made of wood and has a press on the top so that the Missoltini are constantly squeezed for several months excluding any liquid remaining.

Now we can enjoy them after a quick grill using olive oil and vinegar, they are then served with polenta browned in a pan and washed down with a nice glass of red wine.