Bellagio is the most popular resort of Lake Como, also known as "the pearl of the lake".

A jewel of nature and architecture surrounded by fortifications, characterized by the typical soft colors of its houses leaning against each other and the narrow, winding lanes that lead to harmonious squares.

Along the lake you will find luxurious hotels and elegant shops with jewels, clothes and very precious silks.

Along the street that crosses the village you can admire the beauty of the ancient village, walking down towards the lake you’ll find the beautiful square and the pier for boats, hydrofoils and ferries for the car carriage between the two opposite banks of the lake.

Bellagio is an excellent starting point for various tours and excursions on foot, by car and by boat.

Basilica of San Giacomo

It is located in the upper part of the city near the tower, the only remains of some importance of the former defense system.

It was built between 1125 and 1150, enlarged in the Baroque period and recently renovated. The interior, rich in art, contains two paintings from the 15th century, several Romanesque sculptures and several paintings from the late 500 and 600, such as the “Jesus’ Deposition into the tomb”, attributed to Perugino, that decorates the left aisle of the chapel and a" Madonna delle Grazie "in the right aisle.

Other pieces of remarkable beauty and importance are the magnificent wooden, carved and gilded altar from the 700, a Romanesque crucifix and a “Christ laid into the tomb” from the 600, that is carried in procession every Good Friday.

Church of San Giovanni Battista in the hamlet of San Giovanni

It is the oldest church in Bellagio. In the second half of the 18th century some renovation works were carried out on the building, that had been built at least two centuries before. Inside there is an altarpiece depicting a "Risen Christ" by Gaudenzio Ferrari.