An interesting walk is the one to Fiumelatte (a hamlet of Varenna) whose group of houses, built around the church, are perched at the foot of the steep slopes of Mount Fopp, m. 1033, crowned by the remains of the castle of Vezio.

Its name comes from the shortest river of Italy and probably of the whole world, just 250 meters of white and foamy water from the source to the mouth.
Another peculiar feature is its regular intermittence. The river, in fact, appears around March, 25th (Annunciation and Feast of the hamlet) and continues to flow till October, 7th (Feast of the Madonna of the Rosary, patron of Varenna). For this reason it is also called the “River of the two Madonnas”.

Historical curiosity

Fiumelatte had already been mentioned as 'Fiumelaccio' in the Atlantic Code of Leonardo da Vinci, who was intrigued by this phenomenon.
Today they think that such an intermittence may be due to the overflow of the underground cavity of Moncodeno (Grignone) that so far nobody has still managed to achieve.