Our Hotel Restaurant is located at the foot of the Grigna and reprents a good starting point for many excursions.

Our beautiful mountains offer trekking opportunities at different difficulty levels: climbing, via ferrata, free climbing, sometimes with very technical and challenging tracks.

This group of mountains, entirely made of dolomite rock, rises in the southwest of the Lombard Alps.


The group of Grigne is bordered at the west from the eastern shore of Lake Como, that is crossed from the speedway SS36 from Lecco to Bellano and from the railway line Lecco-Sondrio, and on all other sides by the provincial road of Valsassina.

The Group comprises: the Southern Grigna or Grignetta - mt. 2184; the Northern Grigna or Grignone - mt. 2409; Mount Pilastro - mt. 1823; Mount Pizzi di Parlasco - mt. 1511.

Mountain huts

Located on the coastal Grignetta descending to Mandello, we point out the Rosalba Hut - mt. 1730, in a very panoramic position.

The Elisa Hut - mt. 1515, an excellent starting point for climbings to Sasso Sasso Cavallo and Sasso dei Carbonari, as well as for climbings to Grignone with interesting crossings and on its summit, in a spectacular position at 2410 mt. height, the Brioschi Hut, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views.


When covered with snow, all the trails, especially if higher than 1000-1200 mt, can completely change their properties and cause great difficulties.
Utmost caution is therefore recommended before venturing along snowy paths or slopes especially with snowfall in progress, that could change in a very short time the danger of a path.
Some mountaineering experience and great caution are essential during excursions, especially in the case of slippery rocks due to rain.