This beautiful lake in the shape of an inverted "Y" or better of a Greek "Lambda", nestled between the Alps like a jewel and divided between the provinces of Como (in the west) and Lecco (in the east), is richly decorated along the coasts by magnificent villas and agreeable places, famous all over the world and visited by international and even intercontinental tourists throughout the year.

Some villas have been recently purchased by well-known Hollywood stars such as George Clooney (Villa Oleandra in Laglio), or used for filming such as for example the second Episode of the "Star Wars" Saga (Villa Balbianello in Lenno). Unspoiled and peaceful, the beaches of Lake Como are perfect for short walks and swimming.

The beach of Mandello del Lario (= Lido)

The lake is the main attraction of Mandello del Lario: swimming, sailing, windsurfing, boat trips, canoeing, rowing, walks on the lakeside, fishing ...

Between Mandello and the lake a variety of coastline stretches over several miles passing from cliffs to pebble beaches, and still a major part of the lakeside is used for bathing.

For beach lovers, the Lido of Mandello is available to customers from 8am till late at night with a range of different services: spaces dedicated to the beach and sun but also a number of lively events offering pleasant summer evenings on the lake.

The Navigation on Lake Como

The navigation system, that began two centuries ago, is now characterized by a modern kind of service; the frequent mid lake ferries connect the towns of Bellagio, Cadenabbia, Menaggio and Varenna, while during the summer hydrofoils are also available to allow wonderful tourist excursions.

In top of that there is the convenience of the railroad Milan-Lecco-Colico-Sondrio-Tirano that provides for its direct trains a stop at the stations of Varenna, Bellano and Colico, excellent transition points for the lake navigation.

If  you want to take a trip back in time on a real boat with classic paddle wheels, you have to climb on board of the "Concordia", the steamer of the Lake Como Navigation that was built in 1926 and usually runs in summer on Thursdays (in August also on Sundays and public holidays).
It weighs about 300 tons and can carry about 500 passengers, it normally departs from Como at 12:00am and from Bellano at 3:16pm, it has got a restaurant service and bar. In the bar you may even have the chance to directly see the operation of the pistons that move the big side drive wheels.

A very special trip, recommended to everybody!

For any information about the Navigation on Lake Como you can visit the website  For reservations and further information please call the free number +39.800551801

Among the most beautiful beaches of Lake Como there is Riva Bianca, that lies between the Castle and Villa Pini with its ancient staircase towards the lake.

Ducks, geese and swans are the usual inhabitants and will be pleased to welcome you into their precious territory.