We would advise you to go in the milder season (best from May - October).
The path of Viandante runs for 35 Km which in order to enjoy it to the full should be done at a slow pace and as it is arduous in some parts should by done by the hardy. This path starts in Abbadia Lariana and finishes in Colico. It runs on the eastern side of Lake Como.
This antique path was used as part of the way from Milan to Switzerland. It was here in this part of the lake path that commercial traffic was made since 1500. It takes us up and down the mountain and in and out of the villages till it reaches Colico which then takes you to the foot of Valtellina.


In the middle ages the path was used by merchants, pilgrims and wayfarers; along the way there were guards and tolls to pay, there were also places to stop for refreshments. The path was witness to mercenaries coming from over the Alps: Sadly famous for the Lanzenecchi invasion (1629 war of Monferrato) who brought the plague to Lombardy. With the passing of time this path was used less and less in favour of other means of transport. Left at the edge of other more popular ways, the path was only used by the local inhabitants to travel from one village to another.


The Viandante Path is used for long, suggestive walks. The Wayfarer path has been restored and equipped in 1992 and is maintained by local authorities. The walk is quite, but not too easy with signs and orange coloured arrows to indicate "Viandante" along the way so as not to get lost. Anyone can walk this path with only two tracts that are quite difficult because of the difference in height of about 400 meters which is on the mountain side with beautiful views of the underlying lake and the chain of mountains surrounding it. The path between Bellano and Varenna winds its way along a slender mule track which then moves on to chestnut woods and soft, cultivated slopes which are about 100 meters from the lake side.


Along this path you can not only admire the beautiful, enormous panoramas the singular botanic and geologic finds but you can meet up with antique hamlets, a small castle, little chapels, fields, farm houses, vinyards and olive groves. En route you will find our Hotel Restaurant which could be a good starting point. In every season of the year it offers views of our mountains still to discover.